Mar 262013

The Simple Guide to do a 6-square-image post on Instagram. Created and contributed by: @_tsneep_

MAIN Apps you need: Snapseed (or any editing tool with 3:2 cropping ratio) and SuperImpose.

Download the 6-square guide. Click the image to download a larger scale.

Step 1: Crop your photo into 3:2 ratio. Remember that each square should be 1:1 ratio or a perfect square.

2. Upload photo as background on SuperImpose. Then upload the 6-square guide as foreground.


3. Click ‘Transform’ at the bottom . Stretch to cover your photo.


4. Slide the ‘transparency’ button.


5. Click ‘ Mask’ (under) then click ‘Color Range’ button (right) to get rid of the remaining color of your foreground (total opacity.)


6. Save your work.

To save space on your device, you can upload it straight to instagram rather than slicing the photo into 6 parts and saving them. Just be careful not to over stretch or you’ll lose and destroy your puzzle.

THAT’S IT! We wish you contenders all the best of luck!

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